Friday, November 12, 2010

LDS Funeral Programs

An LDS or Mormon funeral program will generally follow the same format and flow as a typical sacrament meeting, which generally consists of :
  • an opening song
  • an opening prayer
  • welcome by presiding priesthood
  • talks
  • closing song
  • ending with a closing prayer
When a funeral is conducted by the Bishop or Branch President, he should invite inviduals to speak and direct the program.

Music played in the chapel should be approved by the Bishop or Branch president and should be hymns or similar appropriate music.

One of the most important symbols of the LDS (mormon) religion is the temple and they tend to not display the cross too often as it is a symbol of Christ's death, not his life and resurrection.  Photos of different temples can be found all over the internet, and you can find several in just minutes. 

Other than pictures of the temple, LDS funeral programs will often display a picture of the Christus, which is a very popular and large sculpture of the savior with his arms out and palms open.

With this in mind, take a look at my article on selecting Funeral Program Themes.

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